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Member ID Cards

Ohio Medicaid managed care members received a new Next Generation member ID card between August and December 2022. Unless a member actively made a new plan selection or were previously enrolled in Medicaid Fee-for-Service and recently enrolled in managed care, they will continue using their existing Next Generation ID card. Members who actively made a new plan selection during open enrollment and newly enrolled Medicaid Fee-for-Service members will receive a new Next Generation ID card for use beginning on February 1. 

As a reminder, you should now use your Next Generation ID card and present it at your pharmacy to fill prescriptions, at your provider’s office to make an appointment or check in for a visit. 

New Next Generation managed care member ID card

In addition to a new design featuring the Next Generation logo, the card includes contact information for Gainwell Technologies, Ohio Department of Medicaid’s Single Pharmacy Benefit Manager (SPBM), that now provides your pharmacy benefits. You can contact the phone numbers listed on your card if you have questions or need help.

If you haven’t received your new card yet, don’t worry! You can still present your old ID card and let the pharmacy know you are a part of Ohio Medicaid and have an old ID. Pharmacies will need to submit claims to Gainwell Technologies and they will have access to the information they need to do so.

If you need to request a new member ID card, please contact your managed care plan to learn more about how to print your card or access an electronic version. You may find relevant contact information on their website or on the back of your old member ID card:

Additional information and links to resources can be found in our  October 1 Launch Ohio Medicaid Member One-Pager and SPBM Member FAQs.

For questions about Ohio Medicaid’s SPBM, pharmacy benefits or prescriptions, visit spbm.medicaid.ohio.gov. For questions about Medicaid managed care eligibility, coverage, benefits, or plan selection, visit ohiomh.com or call the Medicaid Consumer Hotline at 800-324-8680.