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What We’ve Heard from You

In 2019, the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) began gathering feedback on the current Medicaid Managed Care program and suggestions for improvement from individuals who receive services.

In addition to emails, phone calls, and letters, ODM hosted 17 listening sessions with individuals across the state, including in rural, urban, and Appalachian communities. During these small group sessions, individuals shared their personal experiences with Medicaid Managed Care and provided feedback and suggestions for improvement on many aspects of the program. This brought to light new ideas and observations for consideration as a part of the Procurement effort.

While feedback and suggestions varied based on the specific situation of the individuals who responded and the area of the state in which they reside, common themes include:

  • Medicaid Managed Care and the services it provides are a lifeline for individuals
  • Transportation challenges are significant and impede individuals’ ability to access services
  • Many individuals experience considerable challenges accessing dental, specialty, and behavioral health services
  • Personalized care is highly desired
  • Managed care plans (MCPs) are not consistent in the services and types of coverage they provide
  • Individuals experience confusion around inconsistent communication and outdated information, including provider rosters

In addition to listening sessions with individuals, ODM conducted meetings with providers, advocacy organizations, and sister agency staff to gather their thoughts and suggestions on the current Medicaid Managed Care program. Feedback was also provided via email and physical mail.

The feedback gathered through these activities has helped to shape the Next Generation of Ohio Medicaid program.

If you would like to share your experience with the current Medicaid Managed Care program, the Medicaid mailbox will remain open. For your ideas and solutions for improvement, you can also contact us through the Next Generation mailbox or by visiting the Contact Us page.