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Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Resources

Action Required! Beginning July 1, 2022, if you plan to bill Medicaid, the OhioRISE plan, or Medicaid Managed Care Organizations for CANS assessments, you must use the CANS billing code H2000, be an enrolled Medicaid providers, and add the "ORC - CANS Assessor" specialty to you enrollment. Click on the “Billing for CANS Assessments” tab below for guidance.  

The new OhioRISE program uses the Ohio Children’s Initiative Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tool to establish eligibility. The CANS was developed with leadership from Governor DeWine’s Children’s Initiatives and Ohio’s child-serving state agencies and is used by a wide variety of providers to inform care planning and decision-making for children and adolescents with behavioral health needs. Certified Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS assessors are expected to use the CANS to gather all information about the child/youth and family story to describe their strengths and needs.

The Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS Information Technology (IT) System has launched for use across Ohio’s child-serving systems. The CANS IT System:

  • Establishes eligibility into the OhioRISE program by submitting the CANS assessment. 
  • Documents CANS assessments and reassessments/updates with a youth/caregiver. Certified Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS assessors will register and use the system to document these assessments in a single location. 
  • Supports our cross-system goal of “one child, one CANS” and ensure that youth/caregivers do not need to retell their stories.
  • Improves continuity of care and collaboration. Outputs/results are accessible to assessors and care team members, promoting cross-system coordination in real time. 
  • Produces and reviews immediate Decision Support Model outputs and recommendations.
  • Records information about the child/youth and their caregiver(s) within one shared system.
  • Tracks trends and outcomes to identify gaps and inform access and capacity improvement efforts.

Click on the tabs below for more information regarding the CANS tool. 

1. How to Obtain Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS Certification 

You must have Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS certification to register in the CANS IT System and complete a CANS assessment with a child/youth. To become a certified Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS assessor, you must:

1. Complete CANS training with the Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (COE), which is responsible for providing statewide professional development activities related to the Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS assessment tool. Assessors must complete the Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) and Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS Comprehensive training with the COE.

  • If you were already certified in a previous version of the CANS, you will need to complete the new version of the TCOM and Ohio Children's Initiative CANS training sessions.
  • Click on the next tab titled “April – May CANS Training Schedule” to register for upcoming trainings. 
  • If you are having difficulty accessing or enrolling in a CANS training, please reach out to the COE at hxd256@case.edu for assistance.

2. Register on the Praed Foundation’s website to complete the CANS assessor certification exam and pass with a 70% or higher. 

  • The COE will provide you with a coupon code to waive the cost of the exam after you have completed their training.

3. Register to use the CANS IT System. 

  • Please note, assessors must wait one (1) full day after passing the certification exam with Praed to register and begin conducting assessments in the CANS IT System. The CANS IT System receives this information from Praed to verify your exam was taken and passed. 

2. October CANS Training Schedule 

Click on the links below to register for the CANS training session of your choice. CANS Training FAQ document is available to assist with CANS training registration questions. For additional questions or concerns related to CANS training registration, please contact hxd256@case.edu

Training Type (September 2022) Date Time (Click to Register)
TCOM and CANS September 28, 2022 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Training Type (October 2022) Date Time (Click to Register)
TCOM and CANS October 3, 2022 (seats are available!) 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
TCOM and CANS October 7, 2022 (seats are available!) 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
TCOM and CANS October 10, 2022 (seats are available!) 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
TCOM and CANS October 19, 2022 (seats are available!) 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
TCOM and CANS October 21, 2022 (seats are available!) 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
TCOM and CANS October 26, 2022 (seats are available!) 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

CANS Booster Training 

This training is only for those who are certified in a previous version of the CANS and need booster training on the new Ohio Children's Initiative CANS. Prior approval is required after verification of certification status through the COE. Please contact the COE at hxd256@case.edu. 

Training Type (August 2022) Date Time (Click to Register)
Booster Training September 29, 2022 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Training Type (August 2022) Date Time (Click to Register)
Booster Training October 25, 2022 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Supplemental Training for QRTP CANS and FFPSA

QRTP CANS Practice Applications for FFPSA training session provides participants with an understanding of how the CANS assessment tool is being utilized to support the Family First Prevention Act in Ohio. Training participants will also gain an understanding of how to conduct the CANS and effectively play the role of the “Qualified Individual” (QI) and meet all of the FFPSA legislative requirements. Training will include information about collaborative assessment, engaging the Family and Permanency Team, engage in effective team based care planning, use the CANS decision support model, develop a justified recommendation and generate required court documentation.  

Training Type (August 2022) Date Time (Click to Register)
QRTP CANS Practice Applications for FFPSA October 17, 2022 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

If you need to cancel a virtual COE training, you can cancel your registration by doing the following: 

  1. Find your auto-generated registration link  
  2. Open your auto-generated registration link and scroll to the bottom  
  3. Find the "cancel this registration" section and click the link 

If you need additional assistance you can email Amy Pickens at amy.pickens@case.edu and request assistance with cancellation

3. Billing for CANS Assessments

You must be an enrolled Medicaid provider in order to bill for a CANS assessment. Once you have enrolled as a Medicaid provider or if you are currently enrolled, you will need to add the “ORC – CANS Assessor” specialty to your provider enrollment. 

Effective August 1, 2022, ODM will not be accepting new provider enrollment applications or continue any in-progress enrollment applications through the MITS Provider Enrollment System. Due to the July 1 launch of the OhioRISE program, organizational or individual practitioners who will be providing services covered by the OhioRISE program and behavioral health community providers may enroll with Medicaid and add OhioRISE provider specialties between  August 1 and September 30 to begin providing and billing for services. The guidance was updated on August 31. For guidance on this process, please view the Updated Community BH and OhioRISE Provider Enrollment During System Transition guidance.

For additional information about OhioRISE provider specialties and their requirements, please see "Section 1: Provider Enrollment" of the OhioRISE Provider Enrollment and Provider Guidance document. For CANS billing guidance, please reference this CANS Billing Guidance document (updated 6/29/2022)

Effective October 1 all provider enrollment applications must be submitted using Ohio Medicaid’s new Provider Network Management (PNM) module. After its implementation, the PNM module will be the single point for providers to complete provider enrollment, centralized credentialing, and provider self-service.

If you are interested in contracting with Aetna Better Health of Ohio, the OhioRISE plan, and Ohio Medicaid’s Next Generation Managed Care Organizations to provide CANS assessor services, you must contact them directly using the provider relations contact information found on the Ohio Medicaid Managed Care website’s Resources for Providers page.

Please note, Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS assessors are not required to enroll with Medicaid if they do not intend to bill Medicaid for the service. You may be a certified assessor and register in the CANS IT System without enrolling as a Medicaid provider.

4. CANS IT System Training

The following recorded trainings are available to orient you to the new CANS IT System. The Ohio Children's Initiative CANS IT System User Guide is also available to help you accurately complete CANS assessments within the CANS IT System. 

Training Type Link


Assessor Registration 



Click here to access



Youth/Child Search

Assessment Creation and Submission



Click here to access


5. Access the CANS IT System

Click here to access the Ohio Children’s CANS IT System. In addition to the CANS IT System training found in the “CANS IT System Training” tab, the questions below are available to assist you with your registration.

1.    Where do I find my assessor ID and Praed certification number for CANS IT System registration?
You should have received an email from Praed with your certification information. You may also go to https://www.schoox.com/login.php and follow these steps to see your certification information:  
»    Log-in 
»    Go to My Profile
»    Go to Certificates -> (certification information, including assessor ID and certification number)
»    Please note, when registering in the CANS IT System DO NOT include the “c” in your certification number 

2.    What is my CANS IT System USERNAME? I thought it was my email address?
Your CANS IT System username is the email address you used to register and “.CANS” at the end. For example, email.email@gmail.com.cans (not case sensitive).

For additional information about the CANS IT System, please click here to see the Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS IT System User Guide. 

6. OhioRISE CANS Assessment Flyers

OhioRISE CANS assessment flyer for CANS assessors: provides information to CANS assessors so they have an understanding of OhioRISE and CANS assessment implications for OhioRISE enrollment. This flyer is for all CANS assessors across settings. 

OhioRISE CANS assessment flyer for young people and families: explains OhioRISE, CANS assessments, and the role of CANS assessments in determining OhioRISE eligibility. This flyer can be distributed by CANS assessors prior to or at the time of a CANS assessment. 

Follow these instructions to print the OhioRISE CANS assessment flyers:

  1. Open the document and click “print.”
  2. Select “color” if you prefer to print in color. 
  3. Select “print on both sides: flip on long edge.” If your printer does not have the capability to print on both sides, please print the first page on one side, then flip the paper and feed it through the printer to print the second page.

7. Contacts for Support

CANS training: Please contact the COE at hxd256@case.edu. 
Medicaid provider enrollment: Please contact the ODM Integrated Help Desk at 1-800-686-1516 and select the apprioriate option for support. 
OhioRISE program: Please contact the OhioRISE mailbox and visit the OhioRISE webpage for more information on OhioRISE.
Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS IT System: Please contact the ODM ITS mailbox and include “OhioRISE-CANS ” in the subject line for faster routing.