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What We've Heard from Providers

What We've Heard from Providers

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) has gathered feedback on the current Medicaid Managed Care program and received suggestions for improvement from providers who deliver care and services directly to the individuals we serve.

Comments and suggestions for improvement touched on many aspects of the Medicaid Managed Care program. While feedback varied based on provider type, area of focus, and geographic location, common themes include:

  • Reduce administrative burdens related to claims processing and payment
  • Standardize prior authorization and other administrative functions to allow providers to spend more time and resources on patient care
  • Increase transparency and support accurate data sharing
  • Treat providers as partners in managed care
  • Support service and payment innovation
  • Expand and improve access to services

In addition to hearing from providers, ODM conducted meetings with individuals who receive services through Medicaid Managed Care, advocacy organizations and sister agency staff to gather their thoughts and suggestions on the current program. Feedback was also provided via email and physical mail.

You can view more details regarding our Requests for Information (RFIs) on the RFI #1 and RFI #2 pages. If you would like to share your experience with the current Medicaid managed care program or your ideas and solutions for improvement, visit the Contact Us page.