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Request for Information (RFI) #2
Request for Information (RFI) #2

In early 2019, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called on the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) to ensure Ohioans get the best value in providing quality care. In response, we embarked on a Medicaid Managed Care Procurement, with a mission to "focus on the individual rather than the business of managed care." In service of this mission, we first focused on hearing from individuals and providers. Through the Request for Information (RFI) #1 we gathered suggestions for improving the current Medicaid managed care program from nearly 1,000 individuals, providers, and advocates across Ohio.

This feedback informed development of RFI #2, outlining our vision for a reimagined statewide managed care program. The RFI sought input from providers, associations, advocacy groups, data and information technology vendors, and managed care organizations. 

RFI #2 was a continuation of the process initiated by Governor DeWine to implement some of the most innovative health care reforms in the country. It examined the current health care experience of nearly 3 million Ohio Medicaid consumers and offered ideas to reduce barriers, streamline access, and enhance health care delivery. 

ODM received nearly 100 responses to RFI #2. The input from respondents aligned to the five goals for the reimagined Ohio Medicaid managed care program, as illustrated in the graphic below.

Ohio Medicaid Managed Care Procurement RFI #2 Response Themes

For additional details on the procurement and its future phases, visit the Learn About Managed Care and Medicaid Managed Care Reimagined pages.

RFI #2 Responses Received by Ohio Medicaid
The public (redacted) responses to RFI #2 are available on the RFI #2 Responses page at medicaid.ohio.gov.