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What the Medicaid Managed Care Procurement Means for Vendors
What the Medicaid Managed Care Procurement Means for Vendors
What the Medicaid Managed Care Procurement Means for Vendors

On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Ohio Medicaid released its Request for Applications (RFA) for the new Managed Care program for those interested in becoming managed care plans for children and adults within the Ohio Medicaid program. The selected plans will be an essential piece in improving the health and lives of millions of Ohioans.

The Managed Care Procurement RFA closed on November 20, 2020. As a next step in this process, Ohio Medicaid will evaluate the responses to the RFA, and the applicants will be required to conduct oral presentations. Once oral presentations have concluded, new managed care organizations will be selected in late January 2021. Services under the new contracts are not scheduled to begin until January 2022; any changes to Ohio’s Medicaid MCOs will NOT disrupt member coverage or access to care.

For additional details about the RFA, visit the Request for Applications (RFA) page. For a link to the RFA, visit the RFPs page on medicaid.ohio.gov.

Background on the Managed Care Procurement 

In 2019, the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) launched the Medicaid Managed Care Procurement process with a bold, new vision for Ohio’s Medicaid program – one that focuses on people and not just the business of managed care. This is the first time Ohio has made changes to the structure of its Medicaid program since CMS’ approval of Ohio’s program in 2005.

We began by conducting a review of the structure that is in place today. We first considered feedback and suggestions from individuals and providers when making decisions about how to evolve the Medicaid Managed Care program in Ohio through our first Request for Information (RFI).

In early 2020, we released a second RFI seeking input from providers, associations, advocacy groups, data and information technology vendors, and managed care organizations. After receiving nearly 100 responses, RFI #2 closed on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. The RFI #2 page of this website contains additional information about the goals of the second RFI and a summary of the input we received from respondents.

Check this page periodically for updates related to the Medicaid Managed Care Procurement process.